All of us, born with our intrinsic uniqueness, experience life from this distinctly built up structure called 'Maanas' - 'The Psyche' or 'The Self'.

We do a lot of training programs and workshops related to increasing self-awareness and informed life decision making. Maanas has always had a strong preventive focus with an underlying belief that the more people are psychological aware about their actions and reasons behind them, the more this awareness will lead to meaningful and proactive living.

Parenting Workshops

Parents are the primary role models of adult behaviour for a child. They are the main mirrors through whom children see, reflect and understand themselves. Also the behaviour of parents towards each other also lays the foundation of interpersonal behaviour in children. We feel that parents who are aware of the enormity of their tasks also realise that while they have a role to play, they seldom have a road map or the skills required to guide their children towards forming independent, individual identities. Our workshops are efforts to help parents answer many of the parenting questions for themselves and carve out their specific parenting journey.

Influencing the Influencers

This is a series of workshops for school teachers and faculty members of higher education institutions. The classroom is a very strong influencer of a student's self-esteem and self efficacy belief. Teachers are very often the first people students reach out to during personal and/or academic crisis. If these people are student centered and aware about the person of the student, the resultant trust filled teacher-student relationship works wonders for the student and teacher both. This series therefore focuses on helping teacher's understand and reach out to the inner world of students.

Life Skill Workshops

From high school till around young adulthood is the period of identity crystallisation where most young ones are trying to find out what they are all about and in the process questioning the many givens of life. In this period of finding answers, most of them don't want direct suggestions, guidance or advice. They are more open to debates, discussions and platforms where they can voice out there confusions and findings. Our life skills workshops in the area of Academics, Behavioural and Career Development provide such platforms for young ones to meet consultants and in an interactive manner, look at various formative aspects of personality.

Behavioural Training

Success in any executive or leadership role is equally dependent on a person's task and people skills. While most educational courses train people on the technical knowledge and skills required for various jobs, most of the people are left to themselves to figure out their people dynamics. Our programs help people enhance their interpersonal skills by helping them analyse and understand where they are in various people skills and creating a road map for improvement and effectiveness in work relationships. These workshops are held in one to one, small group and large group formats.

Heal the Healers

The entire medical team is always under constant workload and stress. All people walking into hospitals are in a state of distress and it is the healers' job to not only manage their illness but in some way or the other keep assuring them. This constant exposure to illness and emotional distress unknowingly creates stress and burnout in healers that goes unattended to. Our workshops with doctors, nurses and support staff at medical institutes and hospitals helps the healers address their burnout and device strategies to mitigate and deal with their stress. It facilitates their finding ways to maintain and enhance their emotional health.