All of us, born with our intrinsic uniqueness, experience life from this distinctly built up structure called 'Maanas' - 'The Psyche' or 'The Self'.

Maanas The Inside Story Maanas courses are intense, in-depth and innovative. The privilege of small classes gives a chance to go through intense skills training to shape your professional skills. The extensive theoretical background helps to build strong conceptual framework which is required in order to master this profession. It also gives the over all exposure of psychology field to choose your specialization, Maanas team's core philosophy is to connect people to their inner counselor. My stay at Maanas as a student and intern prepared me for my professional challenges. The warm environment helps one to grow personally and professionally. The corporate workshops and other seminars are also very profound. I believe Maanas The Inside Story gives you an ear to listen to the untold stories of people around you.

Warm wishes, Jasbirkaur Thadhani
Counseling Psychologist
IIT Gandhinagar

The best learning experience in psychology I have had is at Maanas. Teaching, here, is a combination of traditional as well as practical approaches. I learnt more about counseling and psychotherapy at Maanas than I did in 3 years of graduation and 2 years of post graduation. I can't thank God enough for leading me to Maanas. It helped me discover my Maanas. If knowledge is a goal, this is the place to be. This is the first time I came across an academic course which was taught so well that it could hold my interest for 8 hours at a stretch. Words are inadequate to express my gratitude and respect to this noble institution. Maanas is the epitome of knowledge and teaching.

Uttara Iyer, CDP Batch 11

Attending Maanas was for only one reason, and that was for a beautiful human being, Sarita Shah. To my surprise,I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. The whole group was vibrant and fully charged. Most of the speakers were excellent, The games, the question and answer sessions were excellent. Sarita also helped counselling the parents of The Radiant Nursery School,of which I am the director.Sarita would observe the child talk to teachers and then counsel the parents, her honest efforts and hard work was highly appreciated.

Rujuta Parekh, Radiant Nursary Shcool,
X Principal and now the Director