Core Values

All of us, born with our intrinsic uniqueness, experience life from this distinctly built up structure called 'Maanas' - 'The Psyche' or 'The Self'.


At Maanas we believe that service is the highest form of humaneness. At the core of any healing process lies a person who wants to give, be there for others and extend oneself in every which way that is in the best interest of the other. This orientation of being of help is central to how we view relationships at Maanas – may they be personal, professional, teacher-student or counselor-client, service remains the foundation stone of them all.


At any given point in time, with all the knowledge and skills we acquire, we still remain human. People with our own imperfections, dents, blocks and learning curves. People who are just a little ahead or behind of others, in their journey of understanding life and themselves. At Maanas every student and practitioner therefore believes that we are all co-travellers, who move forward together in our own journeys.


Tomorrow we should not remain who we are today. Tomorrow we should be more evolved, better and grown. Learning is a continuous process so whether it is making a case presentation, working on our skills or looking at our own personhood, in all areas, work and development should always be in progress. At Maanas we believe that life is growth, so long as we are alive, we should grow.


We all come with our own inherent potentials, talents and skills. To settle for anything less than what best is possible of us, is a compromise. It is important to find who we are and strive towards self actualisation. And every step of the way, never accept anything less than the best from ourselves. At Maanas, we keep surpassing ourselves as we chase personal excellence,a healthy approach to growth. Success then is an automatic by product.


It is important to relate with others and our environment from a steady place inside of us. A place that is settled, that has surety and that is resolved. Central to our life direction and our behaviour on the outside, is our relationship with ourselves. Once there is a steadiness and balance inside, that same peace will resonate on the outside. At Maanas, we all strive to better our relationship with ourselves and become the best friend of our inner child.


In every togetherness, something new gets created. Something that neither of the individuals could have created alone. The only catch being whether both the people want to engage positively with each other and appreciate the value the other brings. At Maanas we believe that each person brings with them a set of qualities that is unique to them. If we can all engage that uniqueness in each other and create something together, that is positive, much can be accomplished alongside.


We are who we are and even if we try, we can't be someone else. Surely not for too long. If we aren't our real selves, we can't connect to the real self of another person. Authenticity, therefore is of prime importance in how we go through with our lives. It is a core value as a therapist because if we are not on the surface, what we are inside, we cannot fully engage with our clients. It requires courage to know, then be ourselves and under any circumstances, not to capitulate who we are. At Maanas, we strive to find ourselves and relate to others with complete authenticity. Be it our business partners, our workpartners, colleagues, students and clients, congruence remains of core value.