Our Team

All of us, born with our intrinsic uniqueness, experience life from this distinctly built up structure called 'Maanas' - 'The Psyche' or 'The Self'.

Maanas team consists of well trained and experienced therapists with a passion of contributing to society. We have worked with numerous individuals, couples, children, schools, hospitals and NGOs since 2007 with a focus of developing self-awareness and self-directedness in the people we work with.

Meenakshi Kirtane

The founder director of Maanas, Meenakshi Kirtane, is an experienced and trained psychotherapist with a passion for psychological and spiritual development. She has done her Masters in Psychology and a Masters In Counseling and Psychotherapy. She also holds a Diploma in Business Managements and is Certified in various Psychometric Tools.

She believes that at a time when our society and family structure is changing so rapidly, well trained counselors and psychotherapists can go a long way in helping people from all walks of life. She has extensive teaching and training experience with teachers, parents, children and student counselors and has practiced as an individual and family therapist for the past decade.

Sarita Shah

A Double Post Graduate in Psychology (Gujarat University) and Psychotherapy (IPMS, Mumbai), Ms. Shah specializes in individual counseling and family therapy and has been conducting parenting workshops and teachers training programs since 2007.She is the Maanas Ahmedabad Centre Head and excels in in-depth personal work and training of therapists.

Sarita believes that while our journey is a solo walk, when we witness it alongside others, it is worth the experience. She chooses to walk with all, and spread positive energy.

Shilpa Khokle

Shilpa, a double post graduate with masters in psychotherapy and counselling and masters in clinical Psychology, is a psychotherapist who has been working extensively with adults and children since 2007. She is also the Academic Head of Maanas Institute of Counseling Education and Research (MICER). She conducts personal development trainings, counselor training, psychological assessment training and parenting skills workshops regularly. She also has experience in working in hospital settings and schools.

She believes that if one wants to do something that they are passionate about one can always find the ways and means to do it. Therefore everyone has the potential to live life to the fullest, given right conditions.

Afrin Kachrajiwala

A master in clinical psychology from Gujarat university and post graduate in counseling & psychotherapy from Maanas Institute of Counseling, Education and Research (MICER). Afrin is a counselor at Maanas. The philosophy of this field of helping and extending empathy resonates with her. With desire to pass on her knowledge, she also taught counseling to students at Maanas.

She believes in learning and building in deep connections. In our life journeys both negative and positive changes are inevitable, she says and also believes that one needs to accept them gracefully.

Uttara Iyer

A Masters in Clinical Psychology, Uttara has also completed a course in Psychological Assessment and Testing, Psycho-educational Intervention – Counseling and Therapies, Disorders and Disability Rehabilitation, Learning Disability and Gifted Children. She has completed the Advanced Counselling Skills course at Maanas as well.She is a counselor at Maanas and works with college students as well as adults.

Uttara believes every creature has the right to be happy, and deserves respect, man and animal alike. Words and actions both have the power to heal, love and care – and she believes in using them for the same. To her, humanity is of ultimate importance. She believes in equality; black or white, gay or straight, theist or atheist, we all have the right to hold our own beliefs and values, as well as to be respected for the same, unless we hurt someone with our actions. She says she has no reason to be judgemental about anyone as she does not know what their journey has been like. She wishes to grow as a person, and to help others find themselves and grow throughout life.

Nikita Dudani

Nikita Dudani is a double post-graduate: having degrees in M.A with English Literature and Psychology, both from Gujarat University. She has also completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling and Psychotherapy from Maanas Institute of Counseling, Education and Research (MICER). She was working as a Life Skills facilitator for Grade 1-5 at Zydus School for Excellence, Godhavi. At present, she is the Project Manager - Corporate Interventions and aids in conducting interventions and workshops with well-known entrepreneurs and established firms of Ahmedabad.

Nikita believes that life is a journey of continuous learning. She says that the people you meet add to this journey by weaving in their experience and letting you explore things that can be unimaginable. She also believes that life is to be lived and enjoyed – live in the moment, let go of the past and things that hurt you, and embrace the future with open arms. Trust yourself and your spirit: let them be your guiding light and guardian and see miracles happening in your life.

Radhika Ghanekar

Currently pursuing her Master’s in Clinical Psychology, Radhika is also pursuing Post Graduate Program in Counseling and Psychotherapy at Maanas. She has also done certificate courses in Psychological Assessment and Testing, Psycho-educational Intervention - Counseling and Therapies. She has also had experience teaching Psychology and Philosophy to 11th and 12th grade students. At present, she is involved in conducting awareness workshops at various schools.

She believes that all individuals are beautiful beings. For each of us to bloom and discover ourselves, we require love, nurturance and guidance, she says. She wants to provide that space of unconditional acceptance and warmth to others so that they can grow and flourish. She wants to keep learning every day and make this journey fulfilling.

Roma Tayyibji

Roma has a bachelor's degree in Architecture from CEPT and has been practicing architecture professionally for the past 15 years. She has also done her Post Graduate Program in Counseling & Psychotherapy from MICER.

Whether it is architecture, philosophy or psychotherapy; Roma believes that human experience and human dignity is at the core of any endeavour.She believes ‘One must be what one can be'; that the seed for growth is self-knowledge; and that integration is the key to healing.She wishes to explore & celebrate that which makes us all human, remain in touch with nature: both without & within, and evolve & help others do the same.