History & Accomplishments

All of us, born with our intrinsic uniqueness, experience life from this distinctly built up structure called 'Maanas' - 'The Psyche' or 'The Self'.

Maanas The Inside Story was born on 10th December 2007. With a small group of 5 passionate and dedicated members, Maanas was soon ready to take its baby steps. Apart from providing counseling services for individuals and families from the beginning, this is how it started growing…


Khayaal – The Thinker's Club

Along with providing remedial services to the individuals and families who seek therapy, we also very firmly believed in brining psychological awareness in the society. With this need to reach out to people at large, we formed Khayaal and invited members from all strata to join us in our interactive sessions, conducted by experts of various fields who dealt with human interaction.

Reaching Out with External Programs

The first program was conducted at Motif on Leadership & Change Management for their Team Leaders in June, 2008.

In December 2008, Maanas held its first program with the students. It was conducted on Exam Anxiety. The programs were held in Mahatma Gandhi Higher Secondary and Maharshi Dayanand High School with their 10th and 12th grade students.

Internal Programs

October 2008, Maanas introduced the first of its many ongoing courses called Counselor Development Program. The first program, a short course, called Basic Counseling Skills is offered not only to students of psychology but is aimed at helping enhance knowledge of all those who are wanting to learn about human relations.


Establishing these different areas of work and being grounded there, Maanas focused on reaching out to Non Government Organizations with the purpose of helping their field and social workers to learn about mental health and the related issues. The first program was held with field workers of Blind People's Association in March and September 2009.


In Feb 2010 Maanas took a program in a school called Vidyamandir Trust with the parents of their 6th and 7th standard students.

In April 2010 one of the reputed educational institute of Gujrat, Gujarat Law Society invited Maanas to teach their three year diploma and certificate course in counseling and psychotherapy which they run for gujarati medium students in their L & C Mehta college.


Maanas was given the entire responsibility of this course, from designing the curriculum to teaching and placing students for their practical field experience as part of their practical.

In September Maanas started an in-house career counseling service.


Continuing with all different levels of work, 2012 was focused conducting in-house training programs, training the Maanas team and the young to be counselors. The basic counselling skills training, Understanding Personality and Client Centered Therapy were the short courses held at Maanas during this year.


Maanas continued to take short term programs in this year and the first one was on Family Therapy. These were the first of the continuous series of short term courses that are being offered at Maanas.

In October 2013, Gujarat State Higher Secondary Education Board had organized a series of Sensitization Program for the Principals of Secondary Schools of Gujarat. Maanas was invited to take programs on Value Education & Parent-Child Relationship-Parenting Counselling.


In 2014, Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad, invited Ms Kirtane to conduct a series of programs with their teachers. The first was on Understanding Adolescents, then a program on Understanding Children and a third one was a program on Creative Classroom Management.

In January, a program was conducted with a group of 10 doctors at Indian Institute of Public Health on Mental Health at work place. .

This year, Maanas collaborated with Anand Niketan, Bhadaj to send a School Counselor for the academic years 2014-2016. The work involved in ensuring a safe and free space for children to come and share their issues. .

Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad, invited Ms. Kirtane to conduct series of program such as, ‘Understanding Adolescents’, ‘Understanding Children’, and ‘Creative Classroom Management.’

Maanas held an interactive session on ‘Understanding People - A look through Maslow’s Lens’ at IIT-GN.

An annual contract for counseling at DAIICT for UG/PG students was established.

Maanas conducted a parenting workshop at Udgam School.


Maanas conducted a UGC approved Career Oriented Program at St. Xavier’s college on self-awareness, counseling setups, anger management, and stress management.

Maanas conducted an awareness programme - Thodi Dosti Apne Saath at IIT-RAM. We also conducted a teacher’s training program at Anand Niketan School, Bhadaj.

In June 2015, Maanas collaborated with Anand Niketan, Satellite to introduce Life Skills project in the school.

Personality test at IIT Gandhinagar using 16 PF was conducted at IIT-GN for the first-years to help the college counselor identify and work with students on their difficulties.


Maanas conducted a program for caregivers on how to take care of themselves at Blind People’s Association.

An annual contract between Maanas and Zydus School For Excellence, Godhavi was established to introduce Life Skills project in the school for the academic year 2016-2017.

In 2016, Maanas also conducted a personality test at IIT Gandhinagar additionally for third year students to help them make informed career decisions.

A teacher’s training program was held at Zydus School for Excellence, Vejalpur by Maanas.

A Leadership training program was held at Zydus School for Excellence, Vejalpur by Maanas.


In January, a program on ‘Do I give consent to myself to say ‘NO’’ was conducted at IIT by Maanas.

Maanas conducted Career Counseling workshop at Zydus School for Excellence,Godhavi in February 2017 for S.S.C. students to help them make informed career decisions. Maanas also had a separate session with the parents of the students to help them help their children make informed career choices

In April 2017, the contract for Life Skills between Maanas and Zydus School For Excellence was renewed for the academic year 2017-2018.

A teaching program was conducted by Ms Kirtane on “Effective Adolescent Student Handling Program” at Sri Guru Harikrishan Sr. Sec. Public School, Amritsar.

In August, Maanas started the project of conducting free of cost programs in schools as an endeavour to bring awareness of emotional well being.

A program was conducted in August, on “How to build healthy relationships” for grade 8 at St. Kabir, Naranpura.

In September, on “Anger Management” for Grade 8 at St. Kabir, Drive-in-road (new).

In October, on “Anger Management” for Grade 8 at St. Kabir, Drive-in-road (old).

In November, on “Anger Management” for Grade 8 at Urja school (Torrent). In the same month, another FOC was conducted on “Career Awareness” for grade 10 at Earth school.


In January, Ms. Kirtane conducted a 3-day workshop on Group Process work.

Maanas started with one year extensive internship program to train the interns in counseling and psychotherapy. The program is aimed at helping the interns have an experiential learning and mastering the skills through rigorous training and practice.

In February, Maanas conducted an awareness workshop on Emotional Health at InfoAnalytica with the employees.