All of us, born with our intrinsic uniqueness, experience life from this distinctly built up structure called 'Maanas' - 'The Psyche' or 'The Self'.

Maanas The Inside Story follows the Person Centered Approach of Counseling. We base our therapeutic relationship on people's innate ability to heal themselves and work as facilitators who help clients understand and deal with their inner world, blocks, patterns and defences.


Maanas has five counseling rooms that provide a private confidential setting for people to share themselves. There is a team of 8 to 10 experienced therapists to cater to the emotional needs of various clients. All therapists have gone through 500 hours of personal work and 500 hours of supervision to ascertain quality therapy work.


Maanas has tie ups with various educational institutions, medical institutions and corporates where therapists from Maanas visit and work with various groups of people. Each counselor only works with one institution so as to devote all their energies to a single place.

Formats of Counselling

All the following formats of counseling are provided both in-house and onsite

a) Individual Counseling

One to one counseling for people having adjustment issues, career confusion, identity crisis, anxiety, depression, dysfunctional deep rooted patterns. Supportive and rehabilitative counseling for people dealing with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.

b) Couple Counseling

In today's time when marriage as an institution is ever burdened by expectations of both the parties and there is reduction in the social stigma of separation, marriages have become much more fragile than before and show evident signs of upheaval. The good part is that many people are wanting to work on their marriages and resolve issues. We work with couples to form and create joint meanings of companionship and what this togetherness could mean.

We also work with people in committed relationships who are wanting to iron out serious issues between them.

c) Family Therapy

Whether it is children with behavioural or cognitive issues, people with addiction, families of schizophrenic patients or terminally ill patients, Maanas provides family therapy services to various sets of families. Any long term physical or mental or emotional illness affects the health of entire families. It is important that these families address their burnout and develop skills of healing.

d) Child/Student Counseling

Even for children with emotional issues, Maanas takes the family therapy approach as we believe that for a large part of their childhood, children's symptoms reflect unresolved issues at home.

For younger students with academic difficulties, Maanas not only does one to one work with them but also provides care takers with requisite skills for dealing with their child's difficulties.

For older students (high school and college) with academic and adjustment, we do intensive work on their self-esteem and self-direction.