Counselling Clients

All of us, born with our intrinsic uniqueness, experience life from this distinctly built up structure called 'Maanas' - 'The Psyche' or 'The Self'.

Counseling Services:

From a Client of Individual Counseling, a male, in mid 20's

"Sometimes you don't realise the weight of the burden you've been carrying until you feel the weight of its release."

Maanas has helped me unload the guilt, pain and pity I had piled up and made a part of my being. While the world learns to love each other to live in peace, I have learnt to love myself and live with myself in peace. Imagine wearing a pair of shoes with glass imbedded in their soles. No matter where you go, no matter how soft the grass is, or how gentle the cool waters run under your feet, you are in perennial pain. The wounds won't heal till you take those shoes off. Maanas has helped me take those glass embedded shoes off. Maanas has helped me be ok to walk bare feet.

From Clients of Family Therapy, Adolescent Female and her Parents

I had originally gone to Sarita for my daughter and was amazed at how comfortable it was from day one. We had been to two other therapists before this for sometime but she was so much more positive, constructive as well as compassionate. Eventually my husband and I have also been seeing her individually. My relationship with my daughter has become even better than before. She has dealt with each of us as individuals and is helping us make the right decisions for ourselves as well as working towards family harmony. Thank you Sarita.

I have worked with Shilpa Khokle as a councellor for my son....she is very kind and knows her subject very well..She has miraculously changed his life by inculcating Reading habit that helped him to sit at one place as well as getting lots of knowledge.

ALSO. We have worked together for my daughter ..who was having learning difficulties ...she took all the efforts to make her comfortable and overcome the fear for studying the difficult subject.

From Clients for Couple Therapy

During this journey I could discover myself and my husband. It has created a connection, a bond,a understanding and most important acceptance of each other. It has opened our hearts and our communication channels. I feel a balance to my life and we not only started living together but also loving and discovering each other. I feel more comfortable expressing to him than I have in a long time and its truly reviving our souls desires.

This happens only because of you Rupaldidi (from Maanas). I am truly thankful to you from bottom of my heart. Past 1 year has changed me and him a lot. Also thanks for taking all our "dramas" and "Nakharas" but not left our hands. You are indeed a diva of my life. Thank you so much again.

From Client for Career Counseling

My experience with maanas has been great. I got career counselling done by Pooja Didi. She helped me in making my choice regarding which branch to opt for. I had only one week to decide about it and she brought out my real real self infront of her within just one week. I mean thats appreciable. Now i feel whatever line i have chosen is for me and again thanks to pooja didi. Love you didi. Thanks to each and everyone associated with maanas. You are doing a great job and keep it up.